Reach Many Businesses with One Request


Is it free to request a donation for your raffle or auction?

Yes.  The Fund does not seek or accept money from nonprofits or their volunteers.  

What happens after you request a donation?

We review and forward it to at least five businesses participating in the Fund. 

What else?

We confirm receipt of your request and attach a copy of it in a handy PDF format that you can print or email when requesting help from other businesses.  

Will your group receive a donation?

Yes, almost certainly.  

What can a donated gift card achieve for your organization?

We have seen a single $50 gift card from a local bar/restaurant raise $500 in a lively raffle at the Ballard Elks Lodge.  100% of those proceeds went to a local charity.  If you have equal or greater success, then please let us know.  You can do it!

Has someone already requested a donation for your fundraising event?

Save time. Avoid duplicate requests – check here first.

Sample Donations

– Gift card from a Seattle waterfront restaurant known for clam chowder.

– Gift card from a world famous music joint with happy hour and rooftop terrace in the heart of Seattle.

– Tickets for 90-minute cruise on the only Seattle Tall Sailing Ship out of Bell Harbor Marina between May and October.

– Passes to the horse races (seasonal).

– Seattle area museum family membership.

We work hard to connect fundraisers with donations that will get the paddles flying.

About Participation from Hotels

We have identified procurement of hotel nights in Seattle as a problem area that needs attention on behalf of nonprofits.  Unless you know someone in hotel management or are holding your fundraiser at the hotel, it’s an uphill battle.  Most downtown hotel GMs will say they receive more donation requests than they can fulfill.  We are exploring ways to change this and to enable hotels to meet the need from community groups, schools, and nonprofits where they operate.  We are very excited about taking this on as our 2022 solution challenge.  Please contact us to learn more.

Is there a fee for my business to participate in the Seattle Gift Card Fund?

No.  There are spots for 5 participating businesses.  If your business is accepted into the Fund, it will pay no fees or service charges.  We don’t call this program free because your company will need to fulfill hundreds of donation requests, which it may already be doing.  At this point, the Fund does not compensate participating businesses for the gift cards, tickets, or passes they donate.  We are very interested in this possibility down the road.  

Why should my company support local raffles and auctions with in-kind donations?

In general, because it’s good business and smart marketing.  In practice, the reasons why companies give are more varied.  Fundamentally, it comes down to brand DNA and leadership.  Please reach out to us for a chat – we love talking about this with business owners, managers, and reporters.   

What prevents my business from donating gift cards to local raffles and auctions?

The most common reason that a restaurant, museum, or local attraction does not donate to the raffle or auction happening next door is simply because they don’t know about it.  We see it often.  Another reason businesses don’t give is because they may consider giving more of a burden or risk than an opportunity.  

Can my business participate in the Fund?

Any Seattle business whose in-kind donations will get the paddles flying is welcome to apply for this Fund.  

How will donation requests be sent to my business?

Email.  We also have the ability to transmit donation requests on a schedule, in a spreadsheet, or on our platform.  

Who decides what my business gives?

You do!  You maintain complete control over your giving.  The Fund does not make commitments on the behalf of participating businesses.  

My company has a form and process for receiving donation requests.  Can we still participate?

Yes.  If you have read this far, then let’s talk.  

How we use information from donation requests?

Businesses participating in the Fund may only use information in donation requests to fulfill those requests or to otherwise support the fundraising organization.   No exceptions. 

Can we get creative with our giving?

Yes.  There are many ways to creatively package your gift for maximum impact.  Contact us and request our exclusive PDF:  20 Ways for Brands to Give with Impact & Support the Communities that Sustain Them.

Can we limit the number or types of donation requests we receive from the Fund?

No.  Businesses participating in this Fund want to support as many community organizations as possible.  Nearly all raffles and auctions seeking support will be WA nonprofits in Greater Seattle region.  If you are interested in serving a different geography or a specific cause across a wider region, then a better option might be your own fund.

Can the Fund fulfill donation requests for my company?

Yes.  For a fee, we can provide turnkey fulfillment service.  

Can my company email gift cards to requesting groups?

Yes, in most cases the raffle/auction organizers should find an emailed gift (redeem code or digital gift card) acceptable.  It’s important to attach a good form letter with photos and banners to help promote your digital gift in the fundraiser.

My company receives too many donation requests and has to turn them down.  Can a Gift Card Fund help me with that?

Lucky you for having such a popular brand, and yes, absolutely we can help!  Generous businesses deserve generosity too.  Giving is not an obligation, it is a mindset, a commitment to community, and an investment in brand.  

It is a dilemma when generous businesses want to say yes, but have to say no.  Our message to those companies is that you may never have to say no again.  We can show you how.  Contact us to learn more.  

Can the Fund assure me that every incoming donation request is legitimate?

No.  However, we have processes in place to identify potentially fraudulent donation requests.  Please contact us to learn more if this is your concern.

If my business participates in this program, then will it pay for itself?

We are sure of it, many times over!  Please request ROI risk-free for your business today.