Put yourself at the heart of your community

Why Should only Seattle Benefit?

Seattle has its own Gift Card Fund.  Other cities do not.  You can change that!  Bring a gift card fund to your city, community, or cause. We make it simple, fast, and impactful.

get to the heart of your community

Tried, tested, and Turnkey!

We love raffles and auctions most because that’s where community happens.  This platform has been tested with over 1,000 leading charities, nonprofits, and community organizations to support their raffles and auctions.  The feedback and results have been consistently positive.  Great things can come from a well run gift card fund.  

Gift Card Funds are for:



Cities are great candidates for their own gift card fund.



Communities such as vibrant neighborhoods and chambers of commerce can benefit from their own gift card fund.



A gift card fund is invaluable for companies supporting specific causes in pursuit of CSR goals. Funds for causes can be national in scope.

Create your gift card fund today!

Join us at the Crossroads of Community, Business, and Philanthropy.

A few gift cards for small community raffles and auctions can make a huge difference.  We want you to experience the results yourself risk-free.   

Who can Start a new Fund?

Any experienced Community Leader or Organizer is qualified to have their own gift card fund to serve their city, neighborhood, or other good cause.


Chambers of Commerce, Local Government, Historic Districts, Neighborhood Groups, Coalitions, Foundations, Political Parties.


Companies with CSR goals and community-based missions. Brands with associated causes.