Raffle & Auction Organizers

Fill out one request form. We forward it to businesses who are likely to provide an in-kind donation for your fundraiser and cause in the form of gift cards, tickets, passes, or memberships.

WA nonprofits in the Greater Seattle region are eligible to request donations through the Fund for their upcoming raffles and auctions.

The Fund is operational with committed donors to support your raffle or auction.  

The Seattle Gift Card Fund started at the Ballard Elks Lodge in 2016.  In-person raffles and auctions came to a halt with Covid.  2022 is a year of expanding the participating donor base for this fund.  

Your request will be forwarded to multiple Seattle area businesses committed to supporting local raffles and auctions.

In 2022, this fund has started to focus on the difficulty that many nonprofits face procuring hotel room night donations for their raffles and auctions.  The demand is high and many rooms are empty.  We believe there is a way that every local raffle and auction organizer who needs a hotel night for fundraising can procure it with ease through this fund.  We are working on it.


Restaurants & Bars

Donate gift cards to nearby nonprofit auctions and raffles that your establishment cares about.

Donation requests from local raffle and auction organizers are not distributed equally in the market.  A small number of well-known establishments receive a disproportionate share of the total requests made each month.

– Too many donation requests are stressing your establishment.

– Fulfillment of donation requests is too time-consuming.

– Your establishment receives donation requests that don’t fit its giving criteria.

– Your establishment is not learning ahead of time about raffles and auctions nearby that it cares about and wants to support.

– Your establishment receives donation requests with not enough advance notice for fulfillment.

The benefits of donating gift cards for your restaurant or bar to local raffles and auctions include:

– Connects your business to the community

– Raises money for causes your business cares about

– Brings people through the doors

– Puts your brand in the spotlight

– Pays for itself

Sign up for Fund.  Once per week, you will receive an email with attached donation requests in PDF format to print.  

The Fund provides options:

1. Receive all donation requests.

2. Receive only donation  requests that meet your giving criteria (geographic and/or cause-based).

3. Receive incoming requests weekly in a spreadsheet.

4. Set limit on number of requests.

We will be happy to estimate the total cost and Return on Investment for your establishment.


Attractions & Entertainment

Donate tickets, passes, or memberships to local nonprofit auctions and raffles in your community.

Ticketed experience organizers are excellent candidates to support local raffles and auctions with in-kind donations.  If your tickets, passes, or memberships are cool enough to get the paddles flying in a fundraiser, then you qualify for the Fund.

BIG Thanks to our long time supporters at Jotform!